Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

To be the first and main choice to our respected customers and our planned partners in the rotating equipment and related electrical equipment, in Egypt, GCC, and African countries based on our excellence business values. Our vision is “To be the “Go To” vendor for any electrical and/or mechanical requirements that requires quality, experience and excellence, which would ensure a trusted optimum solution is provided.”

Our Mission

Further stressed through our mission statement is to “Deliver superior values to our customers through supplying of optimized and customized elector mechanicals solutions.”

Our values

The company chooses a set of values as a constitution and a guide in all its work:

  •  Commitment to ethics and values and customs.
  • Credibility, transparency and integrity in work.
  •  teamwork.
  • Freedom with responsibility.
  • Professionalism in performance and workmanship

Our Goals

We are an electromechanical company seeking to achieve a set of goals that represent the meaning of our presence and the practice of work in the market namely:


Diversity and integration of products and services and offer innovative solutions at competitive prices for customer satisfaction and satisfaction


Enhancing the confidence and belief of our scientists in the products and services that provide additional value in their work


Supporting researches, studies and innovations in modern industrial systems


To be a reliable and distinctive brand name


Create a harmonious, efficient and flexible working environment that achieves the highest quality and competitiveness.


Achieving marketing objectives through opening exhibitions and participating in specialized exhibitions.


Contribute to alliances and strategic partnerships with others


Investing in the development of human resources


Achieve growth rates and target profits.